About Parental Alienation EU

ParentalAlienation.eu came about as a collective effort to address, what we believe are, the three essential elements required to address the problem of Parental Alienation.


  • To create awareness around Parental Alienation so that it is recognised for what it is, psychological and emotional abuse of children and targeted parents.
  • To spread this awareness across all sectors of society which includes;
    • The general public.
    • Mental health professionals.
    • Social work & social care professionals.
    • Legal professionals.
    • The judiciary.
    • Political leaders.
  • To leverage all media to increase awareness of Parental Alienation, to include;
    • Social media.
    • Print media.
    • Television.
    • Radio.


To provide a range of educational services to all the sectors listed above so that Parental Alienation is understood. To achieve this we need to address a common issue when discussing Parental Alienation, namely the fact that many people use different terms and ways to discuss the problem. To address Parental Alienation we need to speak the same language and use the same narratives. When this is achieved, we can address the problem head on in a cohesive manner.

We base our education services around evidence based, peer reviewed studies rather than personal opinion or googled facts. To support this our three core areas of reference are;

  • The Five Factor Model. Bernet & Lorandos
  • The 17 Alienating Strategies. Baker et al.
  • 8 Alienating Behaviors. Gardner.


Building upon our Awareness and Education goals the next step is Intervention to address Parental Alienation and it is our belief that this requires a multi disciplinary approach that brings together parents, health professionals, legal professionals and the judiciary in a cohesive manner. This will include;

  • Pre-litigation case preparation of Parental Alienation cases.
  • Section 32 & Section 47 report preparation as directed by the courts, independent of suspicion of Parental Alienation.
  • Provision of psychological support of those affected by Parental Alienation, by mental health professionals that are trained in this field of study.
  • The Reconnecting Family reunification program.


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About Parental Alienation Europe

Parental Alienation Europe is a resource designed to create awareness around Parental Alienation, provide education services to the public and professionals and to train practitioners so that they can intervene to protect children and parents who are victims of Parental Alienation.