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Informed practitioners will acknowledge that, some children do indeed reject a parent for what is termed normative reasons such as neglectful or abusive parenting. This is referred to as true estrangement and can never be parental alienation.

Furthermore, some children and young people will regulate distance and closeness with each parent as they navigate developmental milestones. This too cannot be considered parental alienation.

We use and evidence-based model (with others to follow) to underpin the current themes of education, awareness and intervention. This is referred to as the “Five Factor Model” to diagnose the presence or absence of Parental Alienation (Bernet & Lorandos, 2019) which guides appropriate intervention protocols.

Parental Alienation Support Services

If you or a family member are being affected by Parental Alienation, it is essential that when you reach our for help, that the professional you deal with is fully aware of the dynamics of Parental Alienation. There are 88 counter intuitives that professionals who encounter this phenomenon must be aware of if they are to effectively help you and your family. The sad reality is that 99% of professionals are not sufficiently trained to work with those affected by Parental Alienation and can often contribute to the problem or at best leave you in no better position than when you started.

As part of our intervention objective, we provide access to professional clinical and therapeutic services to those who need our help. Our team of highly qualified professionals have been trained in the dynamics of Parental Alienation and may be able to assist you as you navigate this horrendous journey.


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Parental Alienation Europe is a resource designed to create awareness around Parental Alienation, provide education services to the public and professionals and to train practitioners so that they can intervene to protect children and parents who are victims of Parental Alienation.