One Voice To Eliminate Parental Alienation

When researching Parental Alienation I am sure that you have found that there is a huge amount of information available online or in books etc.

One of the problems many parents face is that there is just so much information to take in, so many different names, debates around whether it is a syndrome or not, whether Parental Alienation even exists!

Our goal at Parental Alienation Europe is to contribute towards the eradication of Parental Alienation and the protection of innocent children from the psychological and emotional abuse that is Parental Alienation. To achieve this we feel it is essential that parents, legal, mental health and social professionals all speak the same language when discussing Parental Alienation.

One Cohesive Voice is our goal! We need the world to become aware of Parental Alienation, what it looks like and how alienating parents operate. To do this effectively we all need to speak the same language, it needs to be concise and it needs to be credible.

We use the following as our basis for any awareness or education campaign;

  1. The 5 Factor Model
  2. The 17 Strategies of alienating parents
  3. The 8 Behavioural Symptoms in alienated children

Think of these like a checklist that a pilot uses when coming in to land a plane. It doesn’t matter what airport the plane is landing in, what the weather conditions are, the checklist is stuck to. Using this approach you can systematically build a picture of Parental Alienation, from its early “Mild” stage through to its “Moderate” and all the way through to the “Severe” stage.

Although much of the information that is required to identify Parental Alienation has been around for many years, decades in fact, it is only now that this approach is gaining the required attention. Through our Education Services we intend to educate all in how to effectively identify and assess Parental Alienation. We have products and seminars for both parents and professionals and we are working internationally to deliver these services so that we can truly Make A Change!

When all who are dealing with Parental Alienation are speaking the same language, the debate as to whether Parental Alienation even exists will cease and people will see this for what it is, Psychological & Emotional Abuse!

Please use the resources on this platform so that you educate yourself fully, and in doing so you can join us and speak with One Cohesive Voice that says THE ABUSE ENDS HERE!

One Cohesive Voice The Abuse Ends Here


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About Parental Alienation Europe

Parental Alienation Europe is a resource designed to create awareness around Parental Alienation, provide education services to the public and professionals and to train practitioners so that they can intervene to protect children and parents who are victims of Parental Alienation.