Education is the key to eliminating Parental Alienation

At Parental Alienation Europe we are committed to eliminating Parental Alienation. To achieve this it is our firm belief that education is the key to achieving this objective!

Why is education so important?

Alienated Parents usually are Anxious, Frustrated, Angry, Upset and suffering from complicated grief as a result of the alienation process.
Alienating Parents on the other hand often present as Calm, Collected, Charming and Convincing and why wouldn’t they, they are usually narcissists or borderline personalities and they believe their own lies and the lies that they have brainwashed your kids with!

We need to take the emotion out of the situation and speak in a clear, concise and effective way so that when you speak with a social worker, solicitor or judge your message is actually heard. Rambling about he/she said and did this or that will not help you or your children!

You need to be able to tell whether or not the duck is in fact a duck!

Alienators are predictable characters and the signs of Parental Alienation (the duck) in the most part will conform to a pattern. It is this pattern that you must become familiar with and be able to relate to whatever professional is dealing with you, your kids or the legal case.

What are Parental Alienation Europe doing to combat Parental Alienation?

We have a range of education and training products and services available for parents and professionals. We run training seminars for professionals, run conferences with international expert speakers and create online products so that anyone around the world, who is committed to protecting children from the effects of Parental Alienation, can access this valuable information.


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About Parental Alienation Europe

Parental Alienation Europe is a resource designed to create awareness around Parental Alienation, provide education services to the public and professionals and to train practitioners so that they can intervene to protect children and parents who are victims of Parental Alienation.