Brian O’Sullivan, Systemic Family Psychotherapist

Brian is a Systemic Family Psychotherapist. He earned his Masters Degree at University College Dublin and the Mater University Hospital

Brian is a registered and accredited Systemic Family Psychotherapist with the Irish Council of Psychotherapy and the Family Therapy Association of Ireland. He has lectured on accredited undergraduate and post graduate program’s in psychological theory and therapy. He has designed and delivered two M.Sc. programs both of which have been validated by Middlesex University, London.

His area of interest, practice and research relates to the phenomenon where children resist contact with a previous loved parent in an unjustified way in the context of high conflict separations and divorce often, referred to as Parental Alienation. He acts as an expert witness in private family law proceedings where alienation may be considered to be a factor.

Brian has completed the only study regarding Parental Alienation in Ireland. This study adds to a paucity in the literature globally. It was conducted with ethical permission from the Human Research Ethics Committee at University College Dublin and graded A in final examination.

Brian has been published in peer reviewed and non peer reviewed journals nationally and internationally. He has delivered seminars regarding PA at a variety of venues including the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference (2016) in Nottingham and more recently at Queens University Belfast (2018) and the Tavistock Clinic London (2018).

Brian’s Published Papers are available in our Free Resources Section

Brian O'Sullivan Systemic Family Psychotherapist

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