Parental Alienation Training For Targeted Parents

Parental Alienation is Psychological & Emotional Abuse of both the affected children and you the targeted parent.

To combat its devastating effects requires you to become educated so that you can communicate effectively with legal, social, mental health, judicial and any other professionals that you will encounter on this horrendous journey for the survival of yourself and your child or children’s mental health and long term wellbeing.

We are committed to eradicating Parental Alienation and we believe that the most powerful weapon we can use is education!

As a targeted parent it is essential that you become versed in all areas of Parental Alienation so that when you discuss it, you do so not from a place of emotion, but from a place of knowledge!

We deliver education training services to professionals, we run conferences, we strive to create awareness and we use clinically sound and evidence based information that withstands scrutiny. A key part of our strategy is to educate targeted parents so that they are well informed when discussing Parental Alienation.

Below you will find information on training products that we have produced specifically to help parents who are being targeted by alienating parents.

We have a range of training products and services available to parents who want to educate themselves on Parental Alienation.

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